A story spanning centuries

Indian tradition, heritage and hospitality are a big part of our history, and important values we carry through into the Raasa brand and our beloved products.
Raasa was created by the successful TATA Group. Established in India in 1868, TATA reaches more than 2 million households around the world each year, and is committed to bringing its customers products of the highest quality. With successful global brands, TATA is the producer of the best quality pulses, salt, and pure, fresh, specially-selected spices from across India.
Now, Raasa marries our product expertise with over 100 years of heritage and hospitality, for a decadent, authentic range inspired by India and the royal palaces of the past.

From palace to plate

For the past 100 years, we have been serving indulgent meals fit for kings and queens in the former Indian palaces that house our Taj hotels and restaurants. Now, we are delighted to bring the highest-quality food from its true origin straight to your home.

Rich and regal

Majestic curries to make you feel like royalty any day of the week. The fresh and distinctive aromas, deep, rich hues, and earthy, indulgent taste sensations of our dishes invite you to step into the grandeur of our Indian palaces with every bite.

Frequently asked questions

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What does the word Raasa mean?

Raasa means flavour in Hindi. It's the soul of every dish, the heart of every meal, and the very spirit of Indian culinary artistry. Much like the aromatic feasts served in the grandeur of royal palaces, 'Raasa' adds a touch of regal indulgence to every bite, weaving stories of tradition, passion, and heritage into the vibrant tapestry of Indian food.

Is Raasa Vegan or Vegetarian?

All our Raasa products are vegan and vegetarian, using high quality, plant based ingredients. This product caters to all, ready to be tailored to your taste buds – whether you prefer meat or veggies, you can always indulge in royally great taste.

Is Raasa a healhty meal?

Our products can be consumed as part of a varied and balanced diet.
Raasa is a full flavored, indulgent meal for moments in the week when you want to treat yourself to something special.
The range is crafted with natural ingredients, without artificial colors or flavorings, and is GMO free, vegan and Halal.

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