What does the word Raasa mean?

Raasa menas flavour in Hindi. It is a word from the poetic language of philosophy which we think is perfectly suited to the range. It suggests something that transcends mere taste, that touches the senses evoking an emotion that words alone cannot describe.

Is Raasa Vegan or Vegetarian?

All our Raasa products are vegan and vegetarian, using plant based ingredients

Is Raasa a healhty meal?

Although not positioned as a health food, our products can be consumed as part of a varied and balanced diet.
Raasa is a full flavoured, indulgent meal proposition for moments in the week when you want to treat yourself to something special.
For those looking for indulgent, meat free options, Raasa ticks the box. The range is crafted with natural ingredients, with no artificial colours or flavourings, are GMO free, vegan and Halal.

What is a single serving portion?

Our ready meals serve 2 adults

Do the products have GMO Certification?

All our Raasa products are GMO Free and we are in the process of obtaining the official certification

Can I refridgerate once I've opened the pack?

Enjoy a royal serve by consuming immediately once the product is opened and heated.

Where is Raasa manufactured

The products are carefully manufactured in India, making sure we have the best quality ingredients, sourced in India

Why is Raasa produced in India?

We have used the finest quality spices and freshest vegetables to create layers of complex flavours to deliver a superior, indulgent taste with every mouthful. We have an incredible world-class food centre in India where we can take raw fresh ingredients through to the final product without compromising any taste or quality, this is where our long established centre of expertise lies, so it makes sense for this to continue as the home of Raasa.

What can I eat Raasa products with?

Serve in your most special bow with your favourite rice, naan or chappathi. Check out our recipes for mor inspriation!



Is it allergen free?

All our allergen information is found at the back of the pack. If you have any concerns, please do not consume

Can I freeze it?

Raasa products should not be frozen. All our Raasa cooking sauces have an 18 month shelf life so you can keep it safely at room temperature until you are ready to eat it. Before consuming, please check the best if used by date in the back of the pack and do not consume if the date has passed

A close, up top down picture of the Raasa Majestic Red Bean curry. It looks creamy and indulgent and it is garnished with red onion, coconut slivers and a coriander sprig

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